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About Us

It's your first aquarium and you have a ton of questions. Or you're an seasoned aquarist, and you need a spot to talk for troubleshooting your problem. We've all been there and understand the need for a conversation that is helpful and insightful. Whether you're setting up a small freshwater tank or custom reef installation, we're here to help out. Give us a call or swing by the shop and let's talk tanks.

We are an Austin-based full line tropical fish store with a specialty in Marine Reefs and African cichlids. We cater to the needs of aquarists in central Texas and ship coral frags and African cichlids nation-wide. We collect and grow many or our own coral frags and breed about two dozen species of African cichlids in our off site facility. This allows us to offer a wide variety of quality corals and cichlids at reasonable prices. Keep eye an out for our "RCA Homegrown" label when shopping with us to ensure the best quality product.

Need a particular piece of equipment or a full installation? We can help meet all your needs. We carry a wide variety of manufacturers of parts, equipment, and aquariums from standard to custom sizes. Our staff has years of experience with aquarium designs and can help you select the equipment that best fit your needs. Contact us for a free quote for your next aquarium project.

Our Crew

Francis at Rive...
Jake Wand

Hometown: Native Texan

Interests: Jackie Chan flicks, scuba diving, mountain biking, big wave surfers, dive restaurants (it occurred to me my other interests may imply that I am athletic, not the case), ninjas, Billy the Kid, ganster rap, Texas hillcountry

Special Talents: Mad nunchacku skills for a fat guy

Bio: Although born a native Texan, Jake spent his childhood a military brat on the small island of Okinawa. His interest in aquatic life began here while collecting critters on the local reefs. Once back Stateside, he got his aquatic fix by keeping aquariums. After high school, Jake spent 10 years in the semiconductor industry manufacturing microchips in a clean room. During that time, he attended the University of Texas with studies in Marine Biology. In 2008, he acquired RCA from the original founder and has been striving to improve the business since. 

Francis Tran

Hometown: Honolulu, HI

Interests: Weight lifting, eating, slow low and banging cars, Japanese cuisine

Special Talents: Ripping phone books. Once benched 405 lbs. no spot. Feng Shui aquascaping skills.

Bio: Francis's childhood spanned across the nation from the cold Minnesota lakes to Hawaii's warm waters. His childhood was spent impressing tourists in O'hau with his fancy cliff diving skills.

Octavio Zamora

Hometown: Monterray, Mexico

Interests: Zombies, la familia

Special Talents: Sickest fragging skills north of the Rio Grande. Also does a killer camp fire.

Bio: Born on a cold night in the mountains of western Mexico, Octavio grew up tough in the rugged terrain. He learned the ancient skills of tracking and trapping wild game. Octavio once trapped 11 chupacabras and 7 jackalopes in one evening with rope twisted from Yucca leaves and cactus needles.